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Welcome to Grow Your Food Yourself!

GryFy is an acronym for Grow Your Food Yourself. GryFy's goal is to help everybody, regardless of where they live, grow some portion of the food they eat themselves, perhaps all of it. The idea behind GryFy is to start small and gradually increase the size of your "farm" as your confidence in growing increases. How small? Maybe it is just an herb in a coffee cup on a window sill if you live in an apartment.  Perhaps a 4' by 4' square foot garden if you have some room outdoors. Your personal space, budget, and confidence will determine where to start and is here to help you be successful at every step. I hope you find this site useful and fun.

Greg (@GryFyGuy) Stevenson

Do You GryFy?

on Wednesday, 04 January 2012.

Why GryFy? There are lots of reasons and we will explore them in more depth articles as time passes. However, I think the most important reason is the personal satisfaction it brings. Nurturing a living thing is very gratifying. The taste and nutritional value of something just picked far exceeds what you can buy. But even that pales to the joy in eating food you grew yourself.

Is it hard to GryFy? It's easier than you think. Much of GryFy is dedicated to teaching you simple, effective ways of growing more food with much less effort than traditional gardening. Don't let negative experiences in the past prevent you from discovering the GryFy way of doing things. Growing Your Food Yourself is not rocket science.

Is it expensive to GryFy? That's all up to you, but the short answer is no. The GryFy site will have lots of free information and tips so you can always GryFy within your budget. Plants don't much care if they are growing in a re-purposed cup that you saved from the landfill or a Ming vase. Sun and water are virtually free. In most cases you want to have better soil than the dirt outside and will have to obtain some "baby" plants or seeds to start. Most people will buy a little soil and some seeds, but there are ways to avoid that expense as well. As with any pasttime, you will probably spend more as you become more involved, but unlike most hobbies, Growing Your Food Yourself usually has a tremendous return on investment. You can save a lot of money vs buying fresh produces and have much better quality produce at the same time.

How do I start GryFying? A great first step is to sign-up for the GryFy newsletter. It's free and will get you growing quickly. The newsletter is designed with the complete beginner in mind, but even experienced growers should pickup an idea or two in each newsletter. The purpose of the newsletter is totally educational. If the newsletter mentions buying something, it is typically something you can get from your local home improvement store or garden center. GryFy does have an online store, but it is for items that you typically cannot find locally. If we mention a product we do carry in our online store, it will always be in the context where it is just one of many solutions to a problem and we will discuss the pros and cons of each. Just sign-up to get your first newsletter now!